Our History

Meeting with Bates Whiteside is like having coffee with a friend – who happens to be an expert Certified Public Accountant. Born in Charlotte, NC and raised in Georgia, Bates is the consummate Southern Gentleman, with a zest for life and the personality of a true New Orleanian. With his office located in the heart of the Crescent City in the Central Business District, Bates resides in New Orleans with his lovely wife Margo and beautiful daughter Sadie.

Before establishing his own firm, Bates worked as a Revenue Agent for the IRS and as a consultant for Coopers & Lybrand, which later became PWC one of the Big Four accounting firms. Noticing a trend within the industry, Bates realized that the best and brightest always left to work for themselves. Why couldn’t he? After all, he had a loyal clientele eager to continue to benefit from his Certified Public Accounting services. In 1991, Bates finally made the great escape; taking his clients and years of IRS and Big Four experience with him to form Whiteside CPA.

Just as there is much more to New Orleans than Bourbon Street, being a CPA does not define Bates Whiteside. A loving family man, Bates is also a writer and a pilot. He has written two books: MBA Handbook for Healthcare Professionals and The Nuts and Bolts of Payroll Taxes, both valuable contributors for assisting business professionals. Fascinated by airplanes as a child, Bates Whiteside learned to fly from his father. When his focus on building his business allowed his pilot’s license lapsed, Margo took it upon herself to give Bates flight lessons to get her husband back in the air. While many New Orleanians choose a bar at the end of a long day, Bates goes for the sky. Being 39,000 feet high brings little distractions. However, the peace and solitude Bates savors is nothing compared to the adrenaline rush. As Bates describes it, “The most fun you can have with your clothes on is landing a plane!”

Whether he’s discussing flying or explaining the importance of your business’s compliance regulations, it is easy to understand why Bates Whiteside is recognized for both his passion and personalized approach to business. Eager to assist both individuals and businesses alike, Bates has distinguished Whiteside CPA through unique, tailored professional care on which all clients can rely. From start-up to retirement, Bates Whiteside will personally address all of your accounting and compliance needs.

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